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Feb. 21st, 2013

Well it's official my career is stuffed!! I resigned today! (It was either that or I get fired!) I am not going to get a job this year if I'm luck ill pick something up next year the only plus side is I am getting 'compensated' I get paid till the end of term two maybe a miracle night happen but I'm not holding my breath!

Life sucks at the moment!!!

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Sep. 28th, 2012

I never thought I'd see the day I was glad to see school holidays term 3 definitely hasn't been the best term I got a 'verbal' warning from work.

My level leader has made it quite clear she doesn't like me I don't even get spoken to at team planning each year we have a yearly review called an ARM they basically talk about your strengths and areas for improvement this happened last year and was quite positive this year was a different story.

I walk in the principal and the deputy were there then the literacy leader walks in they spent 25 of the 30 minutes telling me I don't contribute to the team ( I am guessing the level leader said something in her ARM) my children haven't made as much progress as they should of and I don't take advice on board basically got told to pull my socks up or else ( they can't fire me I'm ongoing they have to go through due process and give you a certain number of written warnings)

It gets better the literacy leader pulls me aside and says herself Dänni who has been working in my room are going to discuss support for next term! I had a funny feeling that was not going to happen and was quite nervous. I get told we will be meeting in the meeting room then all of a sudden I get told we are meeting in the principal's office and the deputy walks in ( so basically I was lied to yesterday) I was in there for two hours so I lost most of my preparation time and give a 3 page document outlining everything from I e-mail my planners to the lady that helps out too late too how my room is set up.

They have given me till week 3 next term to improve or they will start due process so basically a written warning! In the past 4 years I have been teaching I have worked for so many schools and never had this problem. I love teaching but if this is how some schools operate I don't know if I can keep doing it and that scares me I have wanted to be a teacher since year 10 and until this year despite the challenges I have faced I loved it but now I'm not so sure I'm cut out for it.

I am aware I have opportunities for improvement I am not perfect but I don't think it's fair I was sat in a room for two hours and basically told off! I want to improve and I am disappointed in myself that this us what people think of me. All I can do is play the game so to speak and hope it doesn't go any further. I feel bad I lacked Matty up and made him move to Melbourne and its been nothing but stress at work I just hope the risk I have taken is worth it!

Plus to top it all off I have a funny feeling that they might want to put the house on the market which means we will be moving right on Xmas again plus trying to write 20000+ words for reports and planning a wedding!! Not the best timing that's for sure.

On the plus side things are coming along well with the wedding I ordered my ring yesterday and I have organized my dress now it's just a matter of paying for it all : p

All I can say is bring on January 12th!! I need something to celebrate!

♥ Manda

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Weddings and stuff

Reports are finally finished well sort of they still need to be proofread by a buddy and then by someone on the leadership team.

Writing reports for the first time at a new school is always nerve racking as all schools do it differently so you never really know what they want! I get the feeling there are a lot of things I will need to change but ah well the important stuff is done 24,000 words later ha ha.

Matty's job is finishing up soon so he will need to start looking for another. The problem is I am the one who has to look for him and write his c.v as he can't read. I get frustrated as I don't think he realises my workload is quite heavy still reports may be finished but I still have portfolios to finish plus keep up with everything else I don't want to be told the day before he finishes up.

On the plus side Matty and I finally set a date! 12th January next year we set it about two months ago but we have booked the ceremony and reception and the celebrant! It's a bit of joke because we are getting married on Dad's b'day so we tell Dad he is getting a son law as a present ha ha. Matty's mum is doing my head in already she is quite happy to give her daughter $1600 for a car but complains about putting some money on the bar for his sons wedding!! Come on that's not really fair it's not like we are asking for a lot and don't make us feel guilty about it either.

Got some magnets printed for save the date I am pretty happy with them:

here it isCollapse )

&heart; Manda

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Its good to be feeling normal again

It took a while but for the last couple of weeks I have finally felt like myself again I have to admit I am lucky to have people around me that care but it was a hard couple of weeks I honestly really began doubt myself and the stupid thing is their reasons are ridiculous they wrote a glowing report and even the head honcho didn't like the fact that the school didn't even bring to my attention that they were having problems until three days to go, the meeting last Wednesday went better than I thought I didn't end leaving crying so that's a start but apparently they are going to what they can which is a good sign the only prob they had was fitting that extra placement in. Anyway I am helping out at another school and the teacher (who is my old primary school teacher)and he came up with a great idea, I get to do things the way I want to so hopefully not another six months at uni I just have to talk to him about it and plus I love helping out at st Alipius and I love the kids Mum said it was good to see me enjoying school again.

As with everything else Matty is great and I am really lucky to have him and I wouldn't have him any other way, even my parents are ok I am a hell of a lot better than I was a month ago, the only drawback is uni but once I got over the first week it was all ok so I am all good and back on track well for this week anyway.

My turn

Aug. 15th, 2004

if anyone ever gets over to greatest journal on the rare oociassion feel to apply to join "one_of_us" it's a great community and I get to take over while my friend rena is away.
so anyway you should join there's some community promo at work ha ha.

I have decided I am now going to make this journal friends only!
if you want to be added to my list comment and I will most likely add you back.
I think I have needed to do this for a while as it kind of scares me that I don't know who is reading my journal.

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